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 Freedom At The Mat  is a beginner level vinyasa yoga practice which integrates prayer and flows to spiritual & jazz music.

Women commune through prayer, breathwork & yoga in a sacred space to reset intentions and and leave our worries at the mat.

Together, we manifest the abundance God intended for each of us.  We wish to transform communities  through heart healing, one woman at a time.


Freedom At The Mat is a charitable initiative of Omerge Alliances, LLC.

Spring Series | May 10-31  

may 10 | freedom to trust…

How would you pursue and live your life differently knowing you could trust God to bring all the desires of your heart to life? This class launches the Spring Into Mat series and invites all to participate and focus on putting confidence in God more and more each day, starting this day. 

may 17  | freedom to be you…

Our world is filled with lots of pressures that  disconnect us from our inner selves and divine perfection as the beings God designed us to be. Class 2 is a slow flow & meditation class which will focus on our reconnection with who we are, what our unique gifts are, and that we are divinely perfect to bless the world as we are.  

may 24  | freedom to create your own path…

This class will focus on concentrating inward vs externally to attain your personal best without seeking approval from others. “What Does God Want ME To Do/Be” are the guiding questions for this class.

saturday, june 2  | freedom from judgement…

In the final class of this series, we will attempt more challenging poses than in the previous 3 classes and lose our focus on judgements from ourselves and others, while trusting our strength.


Thursdays, May 10, 17, 24, 6:30pm-7:30 pm

 Saturday, June 2,  11am-12pm

Dream Center Harlem, 205 West 119th Street, NYC

Join us for beginner-level yoga & mindfulness classes with prayer. Spiritual & Jazz music as audio backdrop.

why freedom at the mat?

In 2013, I aggressively pursued peace, clarity & direction during the dissolution of my marriage.  Around this time, I encountered yoga teacher Meriany Benthin (Jinga Yoga Creator) at a local New Jersey gym. 

Although I’d taken yoga classes before, something was different this time.  In one particular class, Meriany guided us to a pose that opened our heart chakra (what is that?). I did NOT know what a chakra was, but I did feel something and I began crying while holding this pose. I asked her afterwards why I was struck so, and she shared that her energy “knew that hearts needed to be healed.” My heart was one of those, and still is.

The need for hearts to be healed resonated with me from my personal heartbreaks and that of my mother’s.  After my mother’s passing in 2002, I found her handwritten note detailing the year of each illness/disease correlated with the personal heartbreaks she encountered (including 2 heart attacks). I am clear that if we do not heal our hearts, we will suffer in life and perhaps die from it. Many women suffer alone and lose heart when their personal intent is unclear or has been distracted by life.

It is my intention that Freedom At The Mat be a loving, supportive, judgement-free environment where women can come, let all guards down and reset their intentions and do any necessary heart healing so we can all live freely in the intent God created for us.

Freedom at the Mat is for ALL women! See below class perks!

  1. It’s FREE!

  2. Yoga Mats Provided!

  3. Access to FREE Spotify Class Playlists!

  4. Women Only Environment!

about me…

dedicated to prayer, faith & wellness

Native Memphian. Harlem resident. Passion about health & wellness and God.  Over the years, I’ve witnessed the impact of exercise psychosomatically on myself and loved ones. Yoga was an amazing healing agent during a difficult time in my life, and now is a a part of my lifestyle. 

My faith in God is the foundation of my life. So in my classes, I integrate faith & prayer to God into our yoga-inspired classes. I invite all to join me in the Freedom At The Mat community to reset intentions and live the full lives we were intended to live. When not practicing yoga, I’m leading Omerge Alliances, a marketing management agency, reading a book or on a quest for new beauty products!

See you on the mat…

Olivia F. Scott

33 west 60th street, suite d203, nyc 10023 | 646.200.5075

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