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Trust In Crisis, 9/11/21

More than money, more than sales, what brands can aim for that will serve them best is trust in their brands.

Brands provide value to people to live a better life.

So, instead of focusing on finding a customer for your product, we encourage you to think about what people need, and how the underserved can be served better.

If you keep your customer as your focus, we know that you will build with integrity in mind. When building with integrity, trust is inevitable. And trust is so very hard to come by in this life.


Marketing Simply, 9/15/21

More often than not, brands market from a company point of view. In so doing, they miss the mark with consumers. I was struck by this notion this morning while reading an article referencing Apple’s latest iPhone Gazillion Update (ok, iPhone 13). The title for the article summed up the benefits with “breakthrough camera and powerhouse chip with an impressive leap in battery life.”

They salvaged the bit about powerhouse chip with “battery life.” As company advocates, it is tempting to tout features because we as company folks work to enhance our products every single day. So, the names of the features are common to us and we understand what they mean. But, get this. Most consumers don’t know what a chip is, they don’t know what specific ingredients for hair products are, so guess what? We must interpret them for the customers.

So the next time you issue a press release or launch a marketing campaign, please be mindful of the inclination to use jargon. Back it up for a moment, and make the benefit to the consumer plain.