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we appreciate olivia & omerge alliances for their dedicated commitment to deliver relevant and impactful entertainment campaigns for our business, for operating with a high level of integrity & transparency in all they do.

desiree reid, general manager, iman cosmetics

olivia's ability to lead execution of marketing campaigns is organized, effective and respected. plus, she brings wonderful energy to any environment. a jewel.

lisa price, founder, carol's daughter

i have been working with omerge alliances for almost a year. the changes to my business have been amazing. the attention to detail, quick follow-up and constant opportunities presented by omerge have made significant changes to the growth and expansion of my business. their ability to identify unique branding and marketing opportunities have grown the pooka brand locally and nationally. they offer unique, creative marketing solutions and are masters at implementing the campaigns from conception to completion. i am a truly satisfied customer :-)

dawn fitch, ceo & founder, pooka pure & simple

i've had the pleasure of working with olivia scott and omerge alliances for the past 6 months, and one of the best decisions that i made was to have brought her on board. she has impressed me with her professionalism, honesty and ability to deliver what she promises. her drive to help us build a successful brand is nothing short of amazing!

malesa plater, ceo, limelight extensions distributors, llc

i contacted olivia scott through linkedin and from the very first phone call to our first meeting i knew my company was in good hands. i needed some help with the launch of our new line of personal care products and green cleaners and olivia was the person. she is brilliant, personable, intelligent and very knowledgeable and most of all she really listen to me and understood the company’s needs. olivia and her company, did our market research, crafted our marketing plan and she was involved with the entire process of the launch. olivia made the launch of the products easier for muffetta's and is now my go to person. i highly recommend her and her company, you will not be disappointed.

muffetta krueger, ceo, muffetta naturals/tepure naturals

the electrifying and energized o as olivia scott is a mandated connection any organization thirsts to obtain. initial intervention, determination and wisdom to achieve the highest level of excellence and obtain the clients needs are the greatest strengths. absolutely, she listens and moves ideas without hesitation to a reality.

marceline williams, founder, prayer garden of memphis

one of the best decisions i've made in my career was to hire olivia to head up and lead all marketing, event, and brand extension businesses for vibe media group. her experience, vision and creativity in developing key initiatives were nothing short of brilliant. but for me, her best asset lies in her ability to reach across different departments, clients, and vendors and inspire all stakeholders to come together with a common purpose and objective. her leadership in fostering communication always led not only a well-defined mission, but also to outstanding execution. and it is this that makes olivia the ultimate professional. her ability to marshal resources to projects and manage a team of professionals during the vital execution stage always provided a comfort level to vibe's marketing partners and executive team. olivia knows that taking on the responsibility of key initiative, means taking on accountability at the same time and i can assure you, that this quality always resonates on every assignment she takes on.

steve aaron, former ceo of vibe media group

as an independent artist and owner of my own record label i needed to find the very best person to add to the team! olivia was and is that person. she's only been working with our company for a few months and in that time has proven to be a wonderful addition and a valuable asset. she brings new concepts and ideas that are always fresh and creative. her work ethic and professionalism are top notch. i look forward to many more years of our building together.

kelli sae, independent artist/owner/ceo of kwurk entertainment

throughout her 4-year tenure at live nation, olivia turned any and all programs in her domain into pure gold. whether it was a $500k or $10mm client, she sank her heart and skills into it, and ensured that she and her team consistently overdelivered on behalf of live nation. our clients, including hilton, wrigley, motorola, ing, blimpie, among others, absolutely loved her and sang her praises. of particular note is her work ethic. i've personally seen her roll up her sleeves and does what it takes to ensure a stellar result. she leaves no stones unturned when it comes to delivery.iwholeheartedly recommend olivia, and know that there is no program that olivia cannot conquer and succeed.

maureen ford, president of local sales, live nation

i have only good things to say about olivia scott. she is a dedicated and talented professional who works tirelessly to achieve the goals of her clients. her attention to detail and enthusiasm to do the job right practically guarantees a successful result. anytime there is a challenge or a problem, olivia is there with a solution. i very much appreciate her hard work and dedication and do not hesitate in recommending her. omerge alliances will get the job done.

lamont graves, onsite meeting management, president/founder

olivia is an exceptional talent. she worked with me at clear channel/live nation and always exceeded my expectations and those of our clients. but equally important is that olivia is the kind of person that you like working with on an everyday basis. she rolls up her sleeves and does what is necessary to succeed. she is smart, energetic, honest and has a work ethic that is second to none. i would work with olivia on any project or assignment and hold her in the highest regard both personally and professionally

bruce eskowitz, chief operating officer, red light management

in my experience from working closely with olivia, she has shown herself to be a big picture thinker who brings a broad spectrum of contacts, a depth of expertise and a keen understanding of how to accomplish a client's goals to the table. she is a tremendous team motivator and gets the job done despite obstacles and challenges along the way. i think the world of her

jody l. miller, president/ceo, jlm pr, inc

olivia managed all of our sponsorships in the first two years because we launched a partnership with live nation. she's experienced, smart, diplomatic, focused on her work and productive. in fact, i learned most of what i know about managing sponsors from her and still seek her advice from time to time. she is a+ and i recommend her without reservation

will griffin, president/ceo, hip hop on demand networks

what sets olivia apart from anyone else i have ever known is her unwavering loyalty and trust. in every environment that i have interacted with her, she consistently operates with the highest level of integrity and fairness. she is, unquestionably, a leader, an innovator, and consummate professional in all that she does.

rebecca ward, senior associate, booz allen hamilton

the great scott, as i affectionately call her, is one of the most outstanding talents i worked with in my career. her attention to detail, communication style, work ethic, and overall business ethics and polish are among the best in the business. any organization that commissions her services will be hooked.

andy peikon,vice president, sales, live nation

nyu student testimonials for olivia scott

i had the great opportunity of taking olivia's strategic entertainment partnerships class in spring 2010. olivia has a deep understanding of partnerships in all areas of the entertainment industry and an uncanny ability to translate that information to people with various levels of understanding and marketing backgrounds. she is extremely personable and knowledgeable and does everything with a smile.

molly pross, sr. account executive, global partnerships, nba

thank you for taking the time to review every word we wrote and to provide helpful feedback. i have taken various courses in my adult life and have never experienced such personalized care. it was very encouraging to me and i am sure to all in the class. i hope to be able to show you someday soon that your wisdom and care made a real impact in my career.

valentina kielland-ross, wnet.org, director direct sales & marketing services

thank you so much! you made it worth going through every experience, along with emotional and physical exhaustion of lay off and 5 hrs of travelling to get to the class every time (for all 6 courses). you have a made an unforgettable impression on many of us (100% sure). thank you from the bottom of my heart! will get in touch with you for more guidance on entering into this field very soon.

kajal bendale, international student from india

thank you very much for my grade and for all the notes in our final presentacion. i've had a really good time in my nyu class. i've learned new things about how to develop and launch products. and i will never forget about the "white space". thank you again for take the time to prepare the class and for all the speakers too.

karime perchy, international student from colombia
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