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Fall Into Beauty 2016

fall in love with you and help a girl do so too.


human trafficking is the world’s biggest crime. profiting traffickers $99 billion annually*, approximately 5 million people are sex slaves with the average victim being a 12-year old girl. 


how you can help...

fall into beauty 2016 invites YOU to share a physical trait that you grew to love to feel beautiful. our intent is to raise self-esteem awareness amongst girls and to donate dollars to further rescue & restoration efforts benefiting vulnerable young girls who lack hope and self-love.


*International Labor Organization, May 2014 Report

A21 exists to abolish injustice in the 21st century by helping potential victims evade trafficking, victim protection through their shelters and aftercare program, prosecution of violators, and strategic partnerships. A21 is a non-profit with operations in 10 countries including United States, Africa, Australia, Greece & Bulgaria, Find out more at

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Nov 11-Nov 27


Share & win

tell or show us 1 physical trait you grew to love with the #fallintobeauty hashtag.

for each post, omerge alliances donates $1 to a21 human trafficking organization to help rescue and restore the lives of sex slaves, and you are entered to win a luxury product from Philosophy's Amazing Grace Collection.


sample post 

i grew to love my ______[lips, hair, skin tone, etc.] & believe that i am beautiful and capable of greatness and living my dreams. You can too. #fallintobeauty #girls #a21